Passive Impressive

by Chop Busted

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released October 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Chop Busted Austin, Texas

This is who we are.

Recorded and Mixed by David McDonald in Austin, TX
Produced by Adam Hovey and David McDonald
Mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio. Lakewood, Ohio

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Track Name: Are We Alright
We’re free to ride around the world together losing some sleep tonight. With stranger things in the dirt that we kick up in the rear view mirror. We told each other we’ed never find another escape and at this rate I’m doing fine.

Are we alright?

We’re free to scream out loud together right at the end tonight. My eyes are heavy while my hand stays steady on your knee.

On the road and I’m standing at the each of my seat while the end of the road is just starring at me.
Track Name: Without You
No, there’s no worry where you’re going I could be anywhere. Where are you going? I could be anywhere without you.

Off a beated path like a country road, we met an old man with some country folk. And I packed to go. Don’t wanna go back, but I’m left here by myself now.

She doesn’t tell me whats going on. Its nice to leave but I don’t want to go home.

No! There’s no Tori where I’m going I could be anywhere. Where am I going? I could be anywhere without you.
Track Name: If You're Alive
So far our time in this city has been killer days drinking coffee, or perhaps at a park with hippies, hipsters and bums alike.

If you’re alive you can’t be bored.

Yesterday at the beach we accosted the scavenging birds and had a sand war and enjoyed the endless inspired views.

If you’re alive you can’t be bored in Austin.
Track Name: End The Summer
Hey you. Do you know where you wanna go with me? Where will you be tomorrow? Is this how its going to be tomorrow?

Oh what a way to end the summer. I can’t explain everything.

Goodbye. C’etait la vie goodbye my dreams what I wanted most was you and me. I tried. Is this how its going to be the whole time?

And you put the lid right on the jar.

So goodbye, cuz I tried. What an awful way to end the summer. I can't explain everything.
Track Name: Nowhere To Go
Well this wild, though just beginning. And I feel myself letting go. Where we will be tomorrow and how we will get there are completely unknown.

There's nowhere to go in this wildernest. Theres nowhere to go but here. I could get used to this.

And we have.. well we had this moment. And in this moment alone.. I’m starting to appreciate it more and more. There's nowhere to go.

I'm letting go of everything.
Track Name: Love Will Chase You
Treat me like an envelope from your credit card company. Just set aside you see, the last thing on your mind is me. I don’t wanna see me when I’m close to you. Things are looking up just shred me up.

Baby don’t say that you’re too good. Forgettable but knock on wood it might be the last time love will chase you. And baby don’t say that you’re too good for me cuz I see what you can’t see. This might be the last time love will chase you.

Drink me like a poison labeled antidote. Like those who wish upon a star at night, but never knowing what is right.

I don't wanna see me when I’m close to you.
Track Name: In Your Arms
We walk as if we are strangers in the dark and I can’t find the words to say. We're falling further in love, further away from you. All i want is yesterday when things were easier for us.

If I could let you in then I could let you die. If I take you home i’ll fall asleep tonight in your arms.

Another day goes by and still it's no surprise. I’m left the man I was before you filled my head with words of confidence. Which you had no reason for.
Track Name: This Is Who We Are
This is who are are.

It occurred to me we love to sing those songs about how love can be fixed on the ones you care for as opposed to those you lust and dream for. Our hearts a lie, to the dreams in our mind. This world is ours, and this is who we are.

It occurred to me we love to see each others dreams and make believes but once awake I see your face. After all this time, there is no clever line.

Love was saved for the weak and used up for the weekend.
Track Name: Home
Well this was no vacation.. pockets left as sure as you are right. As sure as you are right.

One of us had to go. Sleeping by the terminal it seemed maybe I just had to find a better way home.

Im home.

Well this was no good reason. “Thinking of you in the Colorado mountain."